At Home with the Pastranas

A seating area in the formal living room.

A seating area in the formal living room.

Unlocking Columbia’s scenic wealth

One of Ambassador Pastrana’s goals is to strengthen Colombia’s tourism industry, which has been growing steadily over the past ten years. Bogota, the nation’s capital is a cosmopolitan city to rival any in the region, filled with skyscrapers, luxury hotels, and elegant residents. To experience the best she has to offer, stay at the Hotel Morrison, in the city’s upscale Zona Rosa, and dine at La Fragata, one of the city’s best restaurants, situated atop the Bogota World Trade Center.

A short, inexpensive flight northeast of the capital lies the stunning Caribbean coast, where cobblestone Spanish Colonial port cities give way to white sand beaches. Fifty minutes by speedboat from the main coastal city of Cartagena lay the Islas Rosario islands, a tropical atoll surrounded by virtually untouched coral reefs. The Hotel San Pedro de Majagua, on Isla Grande is a first rate eco-luxury resort, where guests enjoy individual bungalows, scuba diving, and day-trips to tiny paradise islands. Security precautions while in Colombia resemble those required of travelers in any Latin American country–travelers should practice common sense, and stay out of the deep jungle.

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