The 2006 Wealth Roundtable: Penny For Your Thoughts

Private investment experts explain how to invest smart locally and internationally.

pile-of-blowing-moneyOur Participants:

is Managing Director of The Carlyle Group. He is based in Washington, Prior to joining Carlyle in January 1994, Mr. Mathias was a member of the Management Committee and Board of Directors of T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. He was instrumental in the founding of The Carlyle Group and assisted in raising the firm’s initial capital. Mr. Mathias holds an M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School and an undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania, where he presently serves as a Trustee.

is Director, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Fiduciary Investment Management International, Inc., a Portfolio Manager and a member of the Investment Policy Committee of Fiduciary Trust International, Inc. Prior to joining Fiduciary, Mr. Thormahlen was President of Thormahlen Investment Management, Inc., a private investment counseling firm he founded in 1989. Mr. Thormahlen began his investment career in 1977 with Riggs Bank Trust Department.

is Managing Director and Senior Resident Officer, Washington, D.C. Prior to joining Bessemer Trust, Mr. Fisher was a Senior Vice President with U.S. Trust Company, which he joined in 1998. Her serves of the boards of GMAC, Wolf Trap, Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business, and Junior Achievement, as well as many other local fundraising events.

is Senior Vice President at Folger Nolan Fleming Douglas Capital Management, Inc. He formerly held positions of Vice President in the Individual Investment Management Department of Fiduciary Trust Company International, Associate in the Investment Banking Department of Wertheim Schroder & Co., and Associate in the Corporate Finance Department of Bankers Trust Company. Neil earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard College in 1984 and his Master in Business Administration degree from Harvard Business School in 1989.

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  1. CD Rate says:

    “Markets are moving sideways waiting to see what the U.S. will do today,” said Heino Ruland, strategist at Ruland Research, in Frankfurt.

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