Sweden on the Potomac

The New House of Sweden finally glows on Washington’s waterfront and Sweden’s King & Queen are about to arrive – no wonder Swedish Ambassador and his wife are smiling.


Entrance of House of Sweden glows in the light of dusk.

Entrance of House of Sweden glows in the light of dusk.

The new House of Sweden, the first foreign embassy to ever be built on the Washington waterfront, is finally open. And to add to the romance, Sweden’s and Queen Silvia are about to arrive to officially inaugurate this handsome, long glass building that glows in the dark.

But the story if House of Sweden is also a love story about two people from two different countries who have created a family, two impressive careers and a happy marriage despite the never-ending demands of diplomacy, government and politics and constant complications of living on different continents. Perhaps you already have met them, Swedish Ambassador Gunnar Lund and Kari Lotsberg, his wife ? Norwegian by birth, Swedish by passport and a dedicated mother and well-known economist.

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