2008 The Young and The Guest List Graduates

A year in review.

2007 was a whirlwind year for Jenna Bush: a best-selling book, an engagement, and an impassioned campaign for HIV/AIDS support.

2007 was a whirlwind year for : a best-selling book, an engagement, and an impassioned campaign for HIV/AIDS support.

As we rang in 2007, out went the embarrassing postings on Late Night Shots, and longtime favorite bar Dragonfly for more serious causes and sophisticated lounges. While the under forty-set, has always been transient, it seems last year marked some notable changes and moving this crowd closer to becoming the leaders of this city.

The Washington Ballet Jeté society brought the together younger scene for their annual dance party. In the dead of winter, people hiked to the Italian Embassy for one of the most fun parties of the year. The exclusive committee including , and Bret and sold an impressive 500 tickets with additional 300 on the waiting list. In total, an impressive $70,000 was raised for The Washington Ballet and proved that this set is making significant donations. But more, importantly, it set the tone that The Young & The Guest List contributions to the city’s cultural vibrancy is more than pleasing imagery. The YGL learned that a good time, a good party can also help to serve a greater cause. We saw more selling out in record numbers including Fashion for Paws, the Courage Cup, and the Corcoran 1869 Society’s Fall Feté. In addition to the society charity staples, many more were actually establishing non-profits and foundations including efforts to support our troops and Imagination Stage. Jenna Bush could perhaps be the poster child for the YGL, who traded her partying Patron days for days in South America writing a compelling book about AIDS, which raised money for UNICEF.

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