Fashion Plates

Fashion in Middleburg is timeless and classic, finds.

By Vicky Moon

Judy and Lang Washburn.

Judy and Lang Washburn.

Let’s face it: fashion in Middleburg is not the same as fashion in the big city. For many, the daily country wardrobe consists of jeans, boots, and an old sweater. However, given the proper invitation, exciting event, or elegant party, the ladies and gentlemen of Middleburg are able to make a head-turning transition. They also have some very talented fashion experts to guide them along the way

“The dress here is traditional,” says designer . “It’s classical and British inspired,” she adds.

A native New Zealander, Karen studied fashion design at Wellington Poly Tech, worked as a theatrical costume designer in Auckland, and went on to model in Paris and Milan. “I learned a lot about clothing,” she says.

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