Ruth Buchanan’s Birthday

Location: Private Club
WL EXCLUSIVE – Photos by Kyle Samperton

THE EVENT: Celebrating ’s 90th birthday — at a location which cannot be revealed due to “club rules.” THE SCENE: Old Guard Washington turned out to honor one of the capital’s last grande dame society hostesses with cocktails, dinner (served on a very special porcelain service flown in from San Francisco by the birthday girl’s daughter, Diana “Dede” Wilsey) and lots of dancing, which just happens to the sprightly nonagenarian’s greatest joy — especially when there’s a stag line of “about 12 guys.” THE GUESTS: Son and his wife Janis, daughter and a ballroom full of various grandchildren, great-grandchildren and other Buchanan, Traina, Swanson, Ohrstrom, Matheson, Wheeler and Hilliard relations. Also spotted: , , , , , Jan and , , , Robert and , and .

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