Mike Feldman’s 40th Birthday Party

Location: Residence, Kalorama


AGING IN PLACE: Former aide and current Glover Park Group partner celebrated the big four-oh with humor and grace, putting up with various friendly shenanigans at Joe Lockhart’s house that included a trick photo montage showing him progressively aging to the 100 mark and the inevitable snarky comments (“Women want Mike Feldman. Men want to be Mike Feldman.”)

PRESENTS: Quite a few, including “Happy Birthday” recorded by U2 and a rather nice bottle of vintage 1968 wine to mark the occasion from the absent Al and Tipper.

PRESENT: Jon and Dorothea Bon Jovi flew in for the party, joining the inevitable Democratic A-Listers plus various media types including , and , and Betsy Fischer.

Click here to view the full photo gallery from the event.

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