2009 The Young and The Guest List

Kate Marie Grinold, Adrian Loving, Lindsay Czarniak, Michael Dove, Dominique Dawes and Francis Hoang represent a few of the many successful locals on the list.

, , , , and represent a few of the many successful locals on the list.

In a city filled with some of the nation’s most dynamic young people, the 250 individuals who comprise this year’s Young & The Guest List repeatedly stand out; as leaders, risk-takers, givers, connectors, and changemakers. Their achievements vary widely, but each was nominated, researched, and debated before being added to the list. What emerged from this process is a more accomplished group than ever before, and so for the first time, we’ve decided to include their professional titles alongside their names. The past three months have reminded us all how quickly the city’s young power players can change. But after four years, The Young & The Guest List is still the only place to find them all.


Aide, Office of Secretary of State Hiliary Rodham Clinton

Principal, Adelmania Consulting

His Excellency the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates Yousef Al Otaiba

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10 Responses

  1. CAT says:

    Great job! Especially, that gorgeous style shoot in the issue, with Becky Lee, Micaela, Emily and Maria Teresa and Amy. Nice work, Lana!

  2. Ruki says:

    you go michael your the man from your best cousin Justin

  3. adrian loving says:

    wow this is the closest i have ever been to Lindsay Czarniak..she’s such a hottie, I hope I get to meet her.


  4. dennis says:

    the shoot in the magazine was awesome. very powerful images.

  5. Joy says:

    Congrats Andy Baldwin!! We love you!!

  6. Sog says:

    Rocky congrats from your masseur, I never thought someone could get around as much as you….Ha Ha, your the best

  7. Peter says:

    Great job Jessica, we love you! Daddy, Elizabeth and Peter jr.

  8. Ilya Bodner says:

    Anyone that is able to achieve this status from nothing deserves a hand. I am most impressed with those that worked hard and have the power to influence others.


    Ilya Bodner
    Small Business Owner
    Initial Underwriting Group

  9. LOL!!!!!!!! says:

    PAUL WHARTON RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Where says:

    Some of these people are has-beens. Bloggers on there?

    What about entrepreneurs like the three Sweetgreen guys?
    Crooked Monkey Tee – Micha Weinblatt (his stuff is worn by celebs and featured in movies)
    Kate Michael –
    Elliot Bisnow he’s done more with his summit series and getting the brightest minds to the Obama white house for a special meeting on entrepreneurship.

    This list is clearly who has been photographed in your magazines.

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