The 2009 A List: The Radioactive List

Guests Do a Double Take When They Enter a Room.






Will the former “Mayor-for-Life’s” woes (controlled substances, a kidney transplant, unpaid taxes) ever end?

Barack Obama’s Senate replacement was canny enough to get appointed, but can he keep his seat?

The former Fed chairman is getting blamed for not sounding his warning about “irrational exuberance” a lot sooner, louder, and longer.

Liar or scapegoat notwithstanding, there’ll be no pardon anytime soon for Vice President Cheney’s former chief of staff.

The former defense secretary can’t even walk down a public street without being accosted by irate opponents of the war in Iraq and the torture of prisoners there.

An “imperialistic and insular” management style and excessive perks doomed the Smithsonian secretary’s reign despite his impressive fundraising achievements.

Getting exposed as a client of a notorious madam hasn’t stopped the Louisiana senator’s moralizing against gambling, abortion, and same-sex marriage.

The A List

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