Farewell to the Ferraris

Luca and Mariachiari Ferrari

Luca and Mariachiari Ferrari

Location: Luca and Residence, Kalorama and Ricardo and Residence, Hillandale


ARRIVIDERCI: Friends gathered at two recent parties to bid farewell to popular Italian diplomats Luca and Mariachiara Ferrari, who are leaving their second Washington tour of duty to accept a new post in Madrid. NUMERO UNO: A lively gathering hosted by Isabel and where the departing guests of honor (who also included and Deppie and ) were required to both sing and dance for their supper. NUMERO DUE: The Ferrari’s own festa was memorable as well, not only for the wonderful food and salsa band (playing in the garden of the old Dillon Ripley mansion), but for a special Congressional tribute to Mr. Ferrari delivered by Rep. (D-Conn.).

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