Over the Moon: Hunt Country Artists

The horsey set draws, paints and sculpts



Not far from the main intersection of the sleepy hunt country village of The Plains, artist Lilla Ohrstrom is a constant presence at her Youngblood Art Studio. Lilla and her husband Chris Ohrstrom have three children, and yet this busy mother finds time to teach classes, host life drawing sessions and stage exhibitions.

Since childhood, Lilla has been intrigued with working in clay and it remains her preferred medium. “Most of the sculpture I’ve been making over the last couple of years is based on the human figure,” she says. “Sometimes the forms are abstracted focusing more on an emotion than a representational form.”

With a degree from Skidmore College University Without Walls, Lilla also studied at Parsons School of Design in Paris. She focuses on stoneware, terra cotta, porcelain, and has cast a collection of dog sculptures in bronze. “A physical and visual conversation between the artist and the medium are always part of the process,” she explains.

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