Honoring The Royal Ballet

Cindy Jourdain, Mara Galeazzi   




Cindy Jourdain, Mara Galeazzi

Location: The British Ambassador’s Residence


EN POINTE: Royal Ballet dancers do know how to make an entrance — onstage, offstage, even when they’re prancing off a bus — and they surpassed expectations the night Sir Nigel and  hosted them on the eve of their Kennedy Center opening. DINING WITH DANCERS: The lithe stars have appetites equal to their intense workout regimes, so it was no surprise the buffet was even more popular than photo-ops in the lusciously green garden. A RAPT AUDIENCE: , , Arnaud and Alexandra de Borchgrave, , and were among the guests chatting with company members, choreographer Christopher Wheeldon, and the ballet’s director, Dame .

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