Yes, We Can!


Red Bull lets artists loose to create aluminum masterpieces from their iconic beverage container – welcome to “Pop-top” art 

By Alannah Wells

'Yes I Can Can with Red Bull' Monica M Eddleman (Artist)

'Yes I Can Can with Red Bull' Monica M Eddleman (Artist)

Our mother’s wise words have gone in one ear and out the other with Red Bull hosting the ‘Art of Can’, an event encouraging us all to twist, bend and remodel our empty cans in hope of creating the next soda-inspired masterpiece. The main lobby of Washington D.C.’s spacious Union Station was transformed into a Red Bull shrine, showing a spectacular array of artworks, all with one fizzy common denominator – inspiration from the familiar red and blue can. Ranging from the use of just one solitary can to some pieces built from over 4,000, the number of restless artists is anyone’s guess. Some of the works being shown include a photographic piece of an impressive 270-foot Red Bull inspired crop circle, an eight-foot octopus with some unsurprisingly tinny suckers and a ‘Moulin Rouge’ style dress.

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