The Creative List: New Media

Here are some of our top New professionals. But we can’t list everyone. Who do you think should be here? Paste your comments below.

, V.P. for U.S. Federal Government, Microsoft Public Sector
Fed sales for evolving software company powering most of the government’s computers.

, Federal Chief Technology Officer
One of the most innovative and articulate tech thinkers to hit town.

, Congressman from the Texas 7th District
Considering by those-in-the-know to be the most Web 2.0 savvy elected official on the Hill.

, Social Media Bon vivant
From teaching at GW and the DOD’s Center for Technology and National Security Policy to strategizing at O’Reilly Radar, Drapeau is a leading social media mind and personality.

, Chairman of the FCC
Decision maker with broad influence over how Americans access and use the Web. Founded LaunchBox with and .

Shana Glickfield, Online Community Director
Uber tech connector and D.C. social media influencer.

Sean Greene, co-founder, LaunchBox
His early stage investment firm helps entrepreneurs jump-start their concepts. Founded the travel network before selling it to Orbitz.

Allyson Kapin, Founder Partner, Rad Campaign
The pioneering online advocacy guru also founded “Women Who Tech,” a telesummit for women in the non-profit and political campaign world.

, Andrew McLaughlin and , The White House
Noveck headed up Obama’s Open Government Initiative and is Deputy CTO of the U.S., McLaughlin was a Google heavyweight who now serves as deputy chief technology officer of Internet Policy; Stanton is the director of citizen participation.

Tim O’Shaughnessy, co-founder and CEO, LivingSocial
On the cutting edge of leveraging the power of social media to convince people together to purchase, review and share their favorite things.

, co-founder and CEO, Clearspring
The McLean-based firm promises “Your Content. Everywhere” and boasts 470 million unique users of its widgets across more than 80 platforms and sites, including us – we use it for our Social Calendar widget.

, President of
Former fed now working full-time on the rapidly-growing premiere social network for govies.

, Senior Advisor on Innovation to the Secretary of State
An original thinker in a traditional agency, creating a 21st century culture of diplomacy .

, Deputy Director of Web Communications and New Media
HHS used social media effectively to help citizens during the peanut product recall.

Janet Yang, Venture Capitalist, Novak Biddle Venture Partners
Has the power and funds to launch your online business. On the board of CivicUS and serves as a Board Observer for portfolio companies: Avail Media, eMinor, Freewebs, Starfish Retention Solutions, and Ztar Mobile.

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17 Responses

  1. Nice list. Here are a few more to consider:

    James Walker @jaywalk1 Project Manager for APCO Online and Blogger at PRPrescriptions, Brazen Careerist, etc. Lives and breathes social media and its implications for public relations.

    Shireen Mitchell @digitalsista Works with Digital Sisters (DS), Inc. a 501(C)3 non-profit organization created to promote and provide technology education and enrichment for women and children who are traditioanlly underserved.Digital Sisters offers programs that promote young girls and women to become fluent learners, inventors of technology, academically enriched and creators of content.These programs will help develop stronger communities particularly those that are traditionally underserved. That’s pretty huge.

    Rosetta Thurman @rosettathurman was named a “New Leader in Philanthropy” by Greater DC Cares. Now she is energizing the local non-profit community with her non-profit know-how, activism and teaching others how to connect their non-profit activism through new media and social media.

    Amanda Miller Littlejohn (me) @amandamogul is building a global network of communications and media professionals through Mopwater PR + Media Notes. I’m starting locally. Connecting globally. Harnessing the power and promise of social media.

  2. Kaya says:

    I second Amanda’s nomination that Shireen (@digitalsista) should definitely be part of this list. She is a great advocate for women (especially women of color) in technology, and she leverages new media to promote that excellent cause. She is also a great resource for social media best practices and new technology trends.

  3. Kathy Warrenton says:

    Goldy Kamali of FedScoop should have been on this list. Several people on the list are on her Board of Advisors because she’s such a rockstar- including Teresa Carlson and Peter Corbett.

  4. I’m honored to be on this list. Thank you so much. Couple of shout outs to Shireen Mitchell and Jill Foster, two more great champions in DC in new media.

  5. Alex Howard says:

    Seconded for Shireen.

    I was also surprised not to see Andy Carvin (@acarvin on Twitter on here. He’s the social media guy for @NPR.

    Jim Long (aka @newmediajim), an NBC cameraman, also belongs on this list.

  6. @BethBeck says:

    For a creative out-of-this-world point of view, try @Astro_Mike Massimino or @NASA.

  7. Xina Eiland says:

    Great list but you left out one person you should consider @amandamogul, who is building a strong network of public relations professionals.

  8. Indeed, Shireen should definitely be on this list.

    Also, if ISL/Peter wasn’t a legitimate rising star on the DC New Media scene (and a respected friend/colleague), I might have to call foul on the fact that he is featured here and also happens to be a Washington Life advertiser. (No disclosure necessary when the ad appears on the page?)

  9. I’d say this was a surprise, but clearly I was wrangled and abused by a photographer prior to this article.

    Disclosure: WLIFE is a client of iStrategyLabs and we are an advertiser of theirs – I don’t know if those facts influenced their inclusion of me on this list, but if you have any questions about my legitimacy as a ‘new media’ professional, please feel free to reach out or google me for a long tail of content related to my/istrategylabs’s work in this area.

    See you on twitter!



  10. @Nicholas your comment must have been in moderation…as i wrote mine before seeing yours. Just an fyi.

  11. Adam Boalt says:

    Also, you should consider –

    Justin Thorp, Community Manager – (@thorpus)

  12. Mark Drapeau says:

    I’m just glad to see that some magazines still have the guts to make short lists (whether or not I am on them), because I think that long lists that include everyone are meaningless:

  13. Peter Rhee says:

    Amanda Eamich, Director of New Media at the USDA. If given the task of implementing New Media to a workforce of over 100,000 isn’t enough, has anyone ever heard of a little thing called “ground beef recall”? She works tirelessly communicating new media strategies within the Department and coordinating efforts with other Federal agencies. My vote.

  14. Debbie Weil says:

    Fun list but there are many, many others in DC. Some are on my Wash DC Tweeps list:

    Also, it’s Beth Simone Noveck (spelling) who’s Deputy CTO of the U.S.

    Love the stickie photos of Peter Corbett.

  15. Nancy B. says:

    hahahha Great list!

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