Blondie Rocks the Kidney Ball

Pop rock icon Blondie helps to raise $1.15 million for the National Kidney Foundation.


Debbie Harry. Photo by Michael Domingo.

. Photo by Michael Domingo.

What happens when you combine the titans of commerce with a cause they believe in, fill the massive ballroom of the Hilton Washington with 1,000 true believers, then throw into the mix Blondie, the snarling icon of the early American new wave and punk rock scenes?

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4 Responses

  1. Debbie is a wonderful singer!! we can not wait for 2010 when she rocks England.. once again.

  2. WILLY says:

    Debbie really age is 64 and not 54 as stated and yes she rocks!!!!!!!!!

  3. David Slater says:

    Good to see that there are people in the US who appreciate proper music from a proper band. One or two quibbles though.

    1. Blondie are a BAND. Debbie Harry is the lead singer of Blondie. Yes I know that some people use the term interchangeably but it doesn’t always pay respect to the other band members.

    2. It may be right to call Blondie a quintessentially American band but we in the UK like to think that the band really hit its stride following the massive popularity achieved in Britain. Something which still applies to the present day.

    3. You refer to Blondie as an 80’s band. I would tend to think of them as a 70’s band, as this is when most of their best music was produced.

    Apart from that a thumbs up to the National Kidney Foundation for choosing the greatest band ever, fronted by the greatest rock goddess ever to walk the face of the earth.

  4. David Weil says:

    Is the National Kidney Foundation WDC Event still auctioning off pure bred puppies from Potomac Kennels of Gaithersburg? There are numerous accusations on the internet suggesting that Potomac Kennels purchases its animals from puppy mills. The committee was informed about this well over a year ago in 2008. Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem appropriate for a substantial fundraising organization for a serious healthcare cause to auction off “live animals,” whether they are from puppy mills or some more reputable sources, as a means of raising money.

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