Obamaland: Inside POTUS’ First State Dinner

Pomp and Circumstance at the Obamas’ first State Dinner for the Indian Prime Minister Singh

Brian and Meredith Williams  Photo by Kyle Samperton

Brian and Meredith Williams Photo by Kyle Samperton


There was an element of suspense and breathless anticipation to the Obamas first State Dinner Tuesday. Staff and Secret Service shuttled around in tuxedos and floor-length ball gowns, as a fireplace crackled in the Green Room and the Marine Corps Orchestra filled the Grand Foyer with New Orleans jazz tunes.

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2 Responses

  1. LOL!!!!!!!! says:

    All those smiles…….
    and just think:
    If the Salehi’s had been terrorists, every last one of those guests would be dead today.
    Now… tell your readers why Desiree Washington should keep her job at The White House.
    John McCain must be laughing his ass off.

  2. Say What says:

    Hey LOL, what was she going to use as weapons, her fake boobs? They still had to clear the magnetometers…

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