Washington Social Diary: Kyle and Tony, WL’s Lens Men

Gotcha! Meet the men behind the lens

Photographers Kyle Samperton (left) and Tony Powell at the Park Hyatt Hotel. (Photo by Joseph Allen)

Photographers (left) and at the Park Hyatt Hotel. (Photo by Joseph Allen)

On any given night, you can find veteran Washington Life photographers Tony Powell and Kyle Samperton out and about on the Washington social scene, snapping pictures at formal galas and rubbing elbows with the city’s elite. But it’s a lot more than just taking photographs for them – it’s about capturing people in the middle of the capital’s most exclusive events, and providing an intimate glimpse behind the velvet rope to those on the other side.

KYLE: “I find the effort, ingenuity, and talent it takes to create an event as fascinating as the guests themselves. Sometimes, either by a grand statement or a small detail, I’m aware that something wonderful is happening, whether it’s the lighting or the way somebody crosses the dance floor.”

TONY: “There isn’t a job more tailormade for someone with my personality, and while a lot of air-kisses get thrown about, I have been able to forge many meaningful friendships over the years with some of the most important and influential people in Washington.”

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