The Dish: The Passenger Bar

A new bar by the masterminds behind the Gibson and Cork, The Passenger Bar brings old world mixology to DC.


The Passenger Bar DC

The Passenger Bar DC

As a recent DC transplant from New York City, I often find myself missing some of the amazing, unique, and relatively inexpensive downtown restaurants and bars that pride themselves in creating delicious food and drinks with fresh ingredients. As the blizzard of 09 blanketed the city, I was looking for someplace specific to spend the evening, as my friends and I gathered together to spend our last nights together before everyone dispersed for the holidays. I found it (and the answer to my NYC homesickness) at the The Passenger; a dimly lit, cozy spot tucked away in the up-and-coming Mt. Vernon Square area, with an emphasis on made-to-taste cocktails and hand picked beers and wines. If you genuinely enjoy good food and good drinks, the Passenger will not disappoint.

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2 Responses

  1. Frank Lynn says:

    Place sounds awesome…whats a Kimchi hot dog??>

  2. Frank- Kimchi is a Korean side dish with pickled vegetables and spices, Passenger puts it on their hot dogs. A delicious combination, try it out!

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