Trend Report: Marching Band Jacket Redux

The marching band jacket is back! Here is how to rock this trend.


The Beatles' version of the marching band jacket

The Beatles' version of the marching band jacket

I have always liked big shoulders, trimmings, medals and large buttons. So no wonder I have adopted the marching band jacket trend, which is a slightly more fun and upbeat version of the military jacket.

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3 Responses

  1. DLB JULIETTE says:

    Very good article! It is for sure THE trend for 2010. Thank you to the king of pop so avant-guardist!

  2. guigui von Paris says:

    All the frenchies are crazy about fashion style AND this so exciting new blog… Go on, we’ll never miss you

  3. Dr Moebius says:

    luv them, yes I du. when i wear it, you may luv me, to

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