WL Insider: A New Decade in Three Parties

We said goodbye to 2009 by party hopping to some of D.C.’s hottest venues in search of the elusive “awesome New Year’s Eve”

By Michael M Clements
Photos by Anchyi Wei

The main party room at the W Hotel at the strike of mid-night

The main party room at the W Hotel at the strike of mid-night. (Photo by Anchyi Wei)

New Year’s Eve is over-rated, people have too many expectations, it’s too crowded … Are all these cliches true? I did some party hopping research on New Year’s Eve to three area hot spots to find out: The Park Hyatt Washington, the W Hotel Washington, and then over to 14th and U Street to Marvin and the latest Eric Hilton property, Jamaican-themed venue Patty Boom Boom. What were my findings? Hey, New Year’s Eve in Washington is, in fact, fun!

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  1. Oh My GOFF says:

    Happy 2010 everyone! No matter how you spent the night… here’s too good health, wealth and happines in the New Year!

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