Wine & Spirits: Have a Hot Toddy!

Made with a good swift kick of spirits, some hot tea or water, citrus and spice, the Hot Toddy is just what the bartender ordered. Or make it yourself with this recipe.

By Kelly A. Magyarics

Hot Toddy anyone?

Hot Toddy anyone?

Baby, it’s cold outside.

Frigid temperatures, cold and flu season, economic woes terrorism threats. Yikes! What do? How about a nice warm cocktail. With all this, no one would criticize you if you singlehandedly tried to revive the three Martini lunch. While clear, potent potables served in cocktail glasses never lose appeal, sometimes cold is just not comforting.

Enter the Hot Toddy, with its fragrant ingredients that combine to create a potion capable of chasing away the chills and raising the spirits.

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