MUSIC MATTERS: Downloading for Haiti

The GRAMMY foundation’s Haitian relief has taken to iTunes and We Are the World. … Again!

“Bridge Over Troubled Water” sung by Mary J Blige & Andrea Bocelli

“Bridge Over Troubled Water” sung by Mary J Blige &

Global outpour for Haiti’s earthquake victims has been staggering, and the do-good-ery doesn’t seem to be slowing up.  During Sunday night’s Grammys telecast we were treated to a very touching performance of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Mary J Blige & Andrea Bocelli.  The cover was not just a unique pairing to grab ratings that would live forever on Vimeo, you can download the once-in-a-lifetime collaboration on itunes.  Money raised will benefit the American Red Cross to help in their on-going earthquake relief efforts.

Other stars hot on the helping Haiti trail gathered at Jim Henson Studios in LA to record an update of “We Are the World.”  TMZ posted this video, and I’m having trouble picking out ‘actual stars’ – watch it and other than , , , a few Jonas Bros and tell me who you can spot.  Rumor has it that is involved and I can normally spot Jenifer Nettles from five hundred yards away.  Look for the World 2.0 during the opening ceremonies of the Winter Games.

We are the World 2.0

We are the World 2.0

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