Power Source: George Clinton Rocks Rams Head

’s creative imagination will continue to move millions.


The One and Only - George Clinton

The One and Only - George Clinton

At Rams Head on Friday night, 68 year old George Clinton gave the sold out crowd exactly what they were looking for, a mesmerizing 4 hour show. When describing to Power Source his fans, his journey, and the music: “One nation under a groove” sums it all up. George Clinton’s creative imagination will continue to move millions.

George Clinton has been one of music’s most iconic innovators for over 35 years. Clinton is the architect of “Funk” which emerged as a massively successful new music genre in the late 60’s. Clinton has crisscrossed the globe countless times performing his melodic, rhythmic grooves in front of an audience that is diverse in age and ethnicity, from one extreme to the other.

Clinton’s creations of the Parliament and Funkadelic bands created over 40 hit songs in the 70’s and began the 80’s with the smash hit “Atomic Dog”. During the 80’s he had a diversity of success from ’s theme song to the Red Hot Chili Peppers second studio album. Beginning in the 90’s and until this very day Clinton has become one of music’s most sampled artists, influencing and collaborating with hundreds of musicians all while maintaining his originality and authenticity. His work ethic and travel schedule are unmatched and his career has reached an undeniable artistic grandeur. As a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, only Clinton could command such a devoted following around the world across every imaginable demographic.

Thank you George, for your festive spirit and constant touring which has for decades made countless parties from grand ballrooms to street festivals extraordinary.

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Learn more about Adoria Doucette


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