Pollywood: SXSW Kicks Off With “Kick Ass”

Films, music, sunshine, margaritas and taco stands; a few of the reasons we returned to Texas for the 2010 South by Southwest festival.

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The World Premiere of comedy "Kick Ass" kicked off SXSW 2010

The World Premiere of comedy "Kick Ass" kicked off SXSW 2010

It is that time of year again when the best minds of film, music, and technology congregate to influence and to be influenced. Austin, Texas is home to South by Southwest, the festival that launches ideas and creativity into reality. So, stay tuned as we document the next ten days of the festival.


The first day of the ten day festival  lacks a word-of-mouth buzz to follow, so we chose the film with the most recognizeable names. Unfortuanately for us, so did everyone else. After waiting in a line that extended for seven Texas blocks, we caught a glimpse of McLovin’ () on the way into his movie premiere of “Kick Ass,” also starring . The movie was a combination of “Superbad” and “Kill Bill’ with a twist of Powerpuff Girls. Buffalo Billiards hosted the after party that we left early to catch the  US premiere of “American: .”

The Bill Hicks documentary about the late Austin born comedian is generating excitement with locals and film goers alike. Bill’s mother and brother were in attendance to support this funny and sweet tribute. South by Southwest co-founder and director, , introduced the film as the embodiment of South by Southwest, “creativity and integrity.” and , the directors of the film, used a unique animation technique interwoven  to help narrate Bill’s story.

It is the end of the first day and the buzz is beginning to build for the rest of the weekend, South by Southwest is well underway.



Waking up to the beautiful Texas sunshine makes the idea of going inside to watch movies seem proposterous. However, we managed to bite the bullet and venture into the dark for the premiere of ” and were more than pleasantly surprised. This hilarious film, based on the book “Life is a Strange Place” by , depicts the life of a man following the loss of one of his most private posessions. The talented cast, who attended the premiere, included Virginia-born , , and . Also in attendance was the director, , author Frank Turner Hollan, and the writer for Ain’t it Cool News, . On our way out we caught the cast of “Wake,” including , , and , walking the red carpet for the premiere of their film.

The next film on our agenda was the highly anticipated documenaty, “.” In order to capture a glimpse into his family’s personal life, Michel abandoned the animated style for which he is best known. The captivating cinematography left the audience speechless. Although Michel was held up in customs for the introduction of his movie, he made up for the loss with an extended q&a after the film. He explained that like most of his films, this documentary reflects the theme of “preserving memory.”

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  1. Fabian Deshat says:

    im tuned in and i dropped out. this article changed my llife

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    Excellent peek into SXSW, am looking forward to further coverage!

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