Pollywood: SXSW Day 4 – Pride and Nostalgia

Films, music, sunshine, margaritas and taco stands; a few of the reasons we returned to Texas for the 2010 South by Southwest festival.

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With an increasing amount of people trafficking in and out of the festival, we felt it was a necessity to take some time out for our favorite activity, people watching. After a day filled with fashion do’s and don’ts, we joined IndieGoGo at the Thirsty Nickel for happy hour and free Miller Lights, and then it was off to the theaters.

The 2008 presidential election of Barack Obama is a moment in history that, as Washingtonians, we were lucky to experience from the nation’s capital. Director compiled home videos to create the film “11/4/08” which documents this historic moment and the sense of patriotism that swept the nation. This anthology evoked feelings of nostalgia and pride that we were able to participate in such a monumental milestone.

We continued the nostalgic trend, with the viewing of “MacGruber,” a parody of the 80’s hit series, “MacGyver.” This gave us the opportunity to see our favorite Saturday Night Live cast members on the big screen. This action comedy did not disappoint the packed house, whose roaring laughter persisted throughout the movie. The star-studded cast, which includes , , , and , joined us at the Paramount for the viewing and Q&A.

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