Power Source: To Haiti With Love

Hollywood, the diplomatic community, and powerful Washingtonians convened at the W Hotel Washington Sunday night to benefit the redevelopment of Haiti.


Raymond Joseph, Jimmy Jean - Louis

US Ambassador to Haiti Raymond Joseph and Jimmy Jean - Louis

On Sunday night at Washington DC’s W Hotel, Hollywood Unites for Haiti founder was joined by , The Honorable L Douglass Wilder, The Honorable US Ambassador of Haiti H. E. and dozens of purposeful Washingtonians at “To Haiti with Love”.

Power Source wants to remind us that the Haitian and American ideals and heritage are one in the same and commends event hosts and Sheryl & for gallantly and effectively orchestrating long term awareness and participation in the rebuilding of Haiti. Take a moment to reflect on the words of the dignitaries in the video from the event and support the redevelopment of Haiti through worthwhile causes where the majority of the funds benefit the needy like Hollywood Unites for Haiti.

Reginald Brown, Nancy Harrin, Marsha Jews, Doug Wilder

, , Event Organizer Marsha Jews, Gov.

Harry Black

Harry Black

Jean & Von Der Pool

Hollywood Unites for Haiti founder Jimmy Jean-Louis & Cafe Green's Lauren Von Der Pool


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