Society 2.0: Cuban, Simmons, Leonsis to Speak at Summit Series DC10

DC10 Summit Series connects big names with local young entrepreneurs

By Angie Goff
Elliott Bisnow with Cal Ripken and DC10 panelist Ted Leonsis

with and DC10 panelist

You can go ahead and call it a most excellent adventure.
Next month, the Summit Series DC10 will mix the nation’s top 500 young innovators with big names like , , , Ted Leonsis, , , , THE Craig of Craigslist, founders of Guitar Hero, Napster and even that famous yellow band that inspires us to ‘Live Strong’. The list goes on.
Summit Series mastermind, Elliott Bisnow (co-founder of industry e-newsletter business Bisnow ) began the star studded series two years ago.  Bisnow tells WL his mission is to help young business people run their brand, their company with keeping purpose and philanthropy in mind.
DC10 panelist: Model Lauren Bush designed the FEED bag to raise funds for the United Nations World Food Program

DC10 panelist: Model designed the FEED bag to raise funds for the United Nations World Food Program

Since Summit Series was born there have been two major conferences leading up to Washington’s. One was in Aspen  and the other in Miami where extreme sports were part of the program. Bisnow tells me they find ways to have a good time.  The business continues even after the conference doors close for the day, followed up with hip, young after parties headlined by popular musical artists. The social conference though fun with some games is serious enough to draw some major sponsors. Microsoft’s Dr. Mark Drapeau tells WL the leading software company has signed on for the DC summit.
In addition to the mega conferences, Summit Series has been heavily involved with events with the White House, Robin Hood Foundation and Foundation.  Recently, WUSA9 reported on the group’s recent trip to Haiti with Kristen Bell where they gave out more than $10,000 in school supplies to children.
So now for the big question. How do I get in?  How do you join the likes  and business oriented minds of other young Washingtonians like EarthEco’s , Navy doc Andy Baldwin and the United Nations Foundation’s ?
You must be invited … or in this case perhaps innovative enough to find your way in.
Here’s a start, send your questions to:
About the writer: covers traffic, entertainment and social media for WUSA-TV Channel 9 in Washington DC. Her blog Oh My Goff is also a daily TV segment that shares local buzz as reported by people in the community via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter

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