WL Hosted: The Best of Peru Pisco Mix-Off!

Washington locals gathered at the Textile Museum for an exquisite event to celebrate the food and culture that exemplifies the very Best of Peru.


Washington Life’s exclusive Best of Peru event was a huge success. The night turned out to be exactly what we had hoped; a way for the Peru community and its top associated businesses to showcase its tastes, style, fashion and design aesthetic to the loyal WL readers and followers in addition to an elite sampling of DC’s Peruvian community.

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About 300 people attended throughout the evening, tasting Macchu Pisco

Jason Strich

. Photo by Alfredo Flores.

sours from five different mixologists (Ceiba Restaurant’s “Pisco Neuvo” won our mix-off contest).  Guests sampled Peruvian-inspired food from Occasions Caterers and Mio restaurant, and had a chance to see, touch, and feel products from Peruvian Connection, the Sandra Jordan Collection, and Alpaca International.  Jaw-dropping luxury travel video presentations from Orient Express Peru and Hoteles Libertador were showcased throughout the night, and guests learned about the Peruvian non-profit Coprodeli; all the while being entertained by South American musicians “Mystic Warriors” from Olivera Music Entertainment in the beautiful and sophisticated setting of the Textile Museum in Kalorama. Que Bueno! The event was deftly put together by of Kelley Cannon events. Cannon ran point as she coordinated the numerous vendors and helped create the perfect event lay-out to enable guests to enjoy all of the different Peruvian vendors. There was even a raffle where Alpaca International and Peruvian Connection each gave lucky attendees luxury Alpaca products.

The other big winner of the night was Cieba Restaurant who won our mix-off contest!  Here is a list of the event’s featured restaurants and drinks:

Mio: Spicy Macchu Pisco
The Passenger: Chiraw Mita
Ceiba: Pisco Nuevo
Occasions: Pisco Passion
Funxion: Dysfunxion

Want to know more about the Peruvian culture, fashion and sites? Read our Best of Peru feature .  Discover a luxurious getaway tucked away in the hills in our Peru travel article.  Also, if you are interested in the most luxurious hotels that Peru has to offer, read our Peru hotel review.

littlellamas_dc peru231

Peruvian products by Alpaca International. Photo by Alfredo Flores.

Caroline Suplizio, Ana Utley, and Carmen Petrowitz

, , and . Photo by Alfredo Flores.

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