Society 2.0: This Week’s Top “Status” Report

It was a week of finales and premieres, increased fares, and oil spill drama. From a suit designed especially for iPad users to an unusual but hilarious review of the LOST finale, these tweets sum up this tumultuous week.

By Kara Landsman

@douglassonders: I love it when a production comes together. This #Kaskadeshoot is gonna be sweet. Follow my video production company @8112studios

@MorganOrtagus: Walking through Williams and Sonoma… Is it weird I love it here even though I don’t cook?

@MrDanZak: “Washington does get their share of art heists — you just don’t hear about them.” #WaPo

@dcfab: SATC2 was like eating a really good sandwich but they forgot to put mayo on it. It was still really good…but where was the mayo?

@chelseavm: My favorite review of the LOST finale so far- and it’s by someone who’s never seen it before: (via @TIME)

@pcousteau:  See my latest photos and video from behind the scenes in Louisiana here… @treehugger #oilspill

Philippe Cousteau with Stephanie Green

Philippe Cousteau with

@Munashik: …Also, miss usa is back on her low carb diet. Lunch today: salmon and spinach. My lunch: noodles!

@cheeky_geeky:  Nice writeup of the @StreetSoccerUSA gala the other night by @WashingtonLife

(Hey, we like good PR too.)

The week of Amazon?

@chefspike: if we get on the 100 list on amazon i’m up for some crazy suggestions on what i can do…i figure shaving my heads on tv’s been over done

@Helena_andrews: Also I’m ranked 32,070 in Books on Amazon right now (a marked improvement from 600,000). Who do I have to man handle to break the top 100?

Helena Andrews with GQ Editor Jim Nelson and Jose Anotnio Vargas

with GQ Editor and Jose Anotnio Vargas

@KatherineKenned: When #whitehouse is autocorrected to #whorehouse on the #iPhone, you need to reevaluate #society. My dad now fears where I hangout. #fail

@keekster:  Carry Your iPad In Your Suit Pocket!?: via @addthis

@OhMyGOFF: you CANNOT be serious. Anyone who flies should be furious about this ‘new fee’.

@shirleyhungcnn:  “No one has intentionally tried to harm you, but we did,” Larry Thomas, BP GM of Public & Govt Affairs at Plaquemines Parish, LA townhall

@dubfire_scitec: Just announced – the best cities to live in the world. Interesting! (via @rossevana) @locodiceOFC. Vato! D-Town!

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