Society 2.0: Chertoff Connects With Young DC

talks and takes questions on how technology increases the threats against us. Young Washington is listening.

By Angie Goff

Michael Chertoff is a guest speaker at Palantir Night Live

Michael Chertoff is a guest speaker at Palantir Night Live

Kate and Amy
and attend the tech Q & A

More than 75 of the internet’s most savvy gathered to hear former Department of Homeland Secretary Michael Chertoff speak at Palantir Night Live 3. The current security advisor spoke on how access to info influences the nation’s threat.  However, he began by saying “it’s not necessarily the technology that we’re missing; it’s usually the strategic architecture [of society] that lags behind.”

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Attending a Palantir Night Live series is ‘invitation only’ but you can send questions and inquiries to or look for news via twitter.

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