Society 2.0: The Future of Media Panel

Top thinkers talk about what the digital landscape will be like in five years at the “Future of ” panel at 2.0 Day during Digital Capital Week.

The  Future of Media Panel with Moderator Michael Clements (photo by: Jen Consalvo)

The Future of Media Panel with Moderator (photo by: Jen Consalvo)

Is the day of the media mogul over? In an age where anyone can produce content and put it on the Internet using myriad platforms, the future of print media (and our journalism careers) remains uncertain. Recently, five media experts discussed where they think they industry’s going. WL’s own Michael Clements moderated the discussion Media 2.0: The Future of Media at the National Geographic Headquarters’ Grosvenor Auditorium.

The Panelists: (Managing Director of, (VP of Digital Media at the Washington Post), (founder and CEO of and (AOL).

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