Society 2.0: This Week’s Top “Status” Report

The news took a short break this week from the ongoing oil spill chaos and directed its attention toward something that humanity craves and thrives off of: fresh scandal.  The revealing General McCrystal profile in the new issue of Rolling Stone made waves in the Twitterverse, as did the winning goal by new U.S. soccer hero , the unbearable heat and humidity of summer, and America’s obsession with the latest in Apple products.  These are the top tweets of this week.


Kevin and Jaclyn Madden

Kevin and Jaclyn Madden

@douglassonders: Batman tumbler golf cart. sweet: @GreatWhiteSnark

@KevinMaddenDC: I’m not so much pro-soccer as much as I am anti-anti-soccer…

@KevinMaddenDC: “Wow, it’s hot today.” #annoyingobviousguy

@chrislhayes: At some point watching this Donovan goal over and over will stop making me giddily ecstatic but not there yet.

@TommyMCFLY: Curious: How much of a drop online gaming sites are seeing during #IPhone4 sit-in-lines-around-the-block-a-palooza?

@dcfab: Reserve line is moving! Police are passing out muffins and water #iPhone

@KatharineKenned: My kidneys hurt so much right now I’m tempted to sell them on the black market and just cut my losses. #KidneyStones

@CADelargy: back day early from mini-vacay & walked into news shitstorm… McChrystal, Obama, Petraeus, Barton, oil spill, fatalities, Kagan, WorldCup…

@kzaleski: This may be my favorite post story so far – Lobbyists take on UNICORN meat?

@rainnwilson: I think Landon Donovan should be put in charge of the war in Afghanistan.

@thepreppylife : Mr. Neti Pot is now sending me tweets, a little scary to receive messages from a little plastic nose teapot.

Tommy McFly and Stephanie Flax at the Bark Ball

and Stephanie Flax at the Bark Ball

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