Twenty Something: Meet Reggie

Reggie stood patiently outside of Ebenezer’s Coffeehouse. He looked so cool in his deep brown suit. I could tell he was a bit nervous and excited at the same time. He introduced himself politely and I jumped right into asking him questions. “Can I call you Reggie?”  He replies, “Unless you’re upset with me, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


Name: Reginald Abreu
Age: 26
Occupation: Policy Associate, NBCSL

TS: In DC, would you say there are plenty of fish in the sea– or is it dry season?
There are a lot of women doing big things in this city. The women here have it going on.

TS: What’s it like being Twenty Something and single in DC?

I enjoy it. This is a great city for young professionals. But sometimes it can be a little superficial. It’s all about who you know, V.I.P, and what others can do for you. That’s a turn off. People are people. It shouldn’t matter what I do or who I work for.

TS: What’s the sexiest thing about a woman?
Definitely the way she carries herself. When she walks into a room she gets attention without even trying. She doesn’t need to say a lot of things but her presence speaks volumes.

TS: What can a woman do to get your attention?
I’m really laid back so sometimes if she’s a little aggressive that’s a turn on. I like a woman who sees what she wants and goes after it.

TS: Tell me about the worst date you’ve ever been on…
I don’t date that often. Honestly.

TS: I find that hard to believe…
I really don’t. Just like women say they can tell if they would have sex with a man within 5 minutes of meeting him, a man can tell within 5 minutes if a woman can be taken seriously and whether or not he wants to pursue her.


Reginald Abreu, Policy Associate, NBCSL

But, one time I was on a date and the girl just happened to know a lot of people there. She was talking to everyone. It was really awkward. Experiences like that make me want to date even less.

TS: Talk to us about your sweet side. What’s your favorite thing to do for a woman you’re dating?

I like to take them places in the city. There’s so much to do here. I’m also big on gifts.

TS: Are you a good gift giver?

I think so. I listen to clues. Women are always throwing clues out there.

TS: What is your most attractive characteristic?

I think I’m very well rounded. I have a good balance and I think that’s attractive. I like to party but at the same time I can stay home and read a good book and just chill.

Reggie’s unsolicited advice:
When it comes to men, just talk to us directly.

TS: So women should talk like men?
Just be direct.

TS: Anything else Reggie?
Know what you want. Keep it real. Keep it funky.


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4 Responses

  1. Cutting Room floor says:

    Good interviewee… I had a similar experience, but was really self-conscience and not especially photogenic that I think they ended up not using me. HA. ALL the same, I was getting really nervous about looking awkward.

  2. Christina Harper says:

    Good feature! I really enjoyed “Meeting Reggie” 🙂

  3. Aimee says:

    He’s a cutie. Good questions AND good answers. I’m liking everything about this…

  4. Tracey says:

    Good article. Reggie seems like a really nice guy.

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