Life of the Party: Porsche Debuts New Hot Wheels

The launch of the 2011 Porsche Cayenne combined fabulous food, friends, and atmosphere  for a good time to be had by all.

UrbanDaddy CEO Lance Broumand and Jeff DuFour at Longview Gallery.

UrbanDaddy CEO Lance Broumand and at Longview Gallery. Photo by Len Spoden.

Combine an exceptional car, a gorgeous venue, mouthwatering food, and a hard-to-resist guest list, and you’ll find yourself at the launch of the 2011 Porsche Cayenne. The event, thrown by UrbanDaddy, was held at Longview Gallery. Guests mingled and admired the latest additions to the Porsche legacy in Longview’s gorgeous 5,000 square feet halls.

Chef lent his passion and talent for food by catering the entire evening. Wiedmaier brought in chefs from BRABO, Marcel’s, and Brasserie Beck, plus mixologist Thor Cheston. What’s not to love?

Attendees included architect , GM of W Washington hotel, ,’s  , UrbanDaddy CEO Lance Broumand, UrbanDaddy DC Editor Jeff Dufour, from The Flournoy Group, Steve Goodman from the NFL Players Association, Channel 9 Sports Anchor , and Washingtonian Fashion Editor Jill Hudson Neal. 

Chef Robert Wiedmaier with Holly Wiedmaier

Chef Robert Wiedmaier with Polly Wiedmaier. Photo by Len Spoden.

Washington GM’s Ed Baten with David Washington

GM of W Washington D.C. hotel, Ed Baten, with

Attendees mingle while admiring the new Porsche Cayenne

Attendees mingle while admiring the new Porsche Cayenne

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