Life of the Party: Global Kids

Non-profit Global Kids International celebrated their first event held in the nation’s capital.
By Margaret Howell

Cindy Jones, Mark Warner, Elisabeth de Kergolay, and Laura Bode. Photo by Alfredo Flores.

, , , and Laura Bode. Photo by Alfredo Flores.

It was the first event in Washington for Manhattan-based Global Kids International, and the fundraiser went off in world-class style at the residence of the French Ambassador Dec. 6.

, the French charge d’affaires who is serving as acting Ambassador since headed to Brussels, opened the splendid Kalorama residence for the gala event which featured a silent auction and delectable specialties prepared by award-winning chefs of Manhattan, Jaleo’s Jose Andres, Equinox’s , Restaurant Eve’s and Citronelle’s .

Cathal Armstrong and Daniel Boulud. Photo by Alfredo Flores.

Cathal Armstrong and Daniel Boulud. Photo by Alfredo Flores.

Global Kids’ founder was on hand for the announcement of the group’s launch of their DC programs, as was the event’s organizer, Comtesse Elisabeth de Kergorlay. Artigiani initially started the non-profit in Manhattan to help inner city kids gain a global perspective from study abroad trips.

The ornate reception rooms were overflowing with starpower. Sen. Mark Warner and NBC 4 anchor-reporter Kimberly Suiters served as celebrity auctioneers on the residence steps, held in the grand foyer of the ambassador’s home.

Comtesse de Kergorlay spoke at length about what it meant to her that Global Kids is expanding to Washington, DC. As an acting board member, she said she was delighted to “have the opportunity to be here” and added that “having a 30 year old friendship, it’s a one-time opportunity to build on that,” speaking of the partnership with the embassy.

Guests of the Global Kids Fundraiser. Photo by Alfredo Flores.

Count Denis de Kergorlay with Global Kids' guests. Photo by Alfredo Flores.

Washington philanthropists George and  and Steve Trachtenberg had the winning bid for a chef tasting culinary package.

Georgetown venture capitalist took home a trip to France, staying in the over 1,000 year old Chateau de Canisy located in the Cotentin peninsula of Normandy.

Socialite Cindy Jones took home the Marvelous Mediterranean auction item of the night; a package offered by Diandra de Morrell Douglas to stay in a 17-room estate on the island of Mallorca for five days.

Jamaica’s Ambassador mingled with other notable guests of the evening, while Kaloramo telecommunications executive R. and Old Town venture capitalist sampled champagne from France’s southwest region, specially served for the occasion. Guests took home delectable French desserts and candies, accompanied with world class cupcakes from Crumbs Bake Shop.

Katerina Ingersoll, Chipp Sundground, Rick Rickestein, and Julie Chase. Photo by Alfredo Flores.
Katerina Ingersoll, Chipp Sundground, Rick Rickestein, and Julie Chase. Photo by Alfredo Flores.

With the expansion of Global Kids to the area, local middle and high school students will undoubtedly gain benefit from their presence, Artigiani said. The program boasts a 90 percent college attendance rate among participants, and offers international affairs and global education to kids who may have not known anything outside of their own neighborhoods.

“We have a curricula that offers skill building, critical thinking, digital literacy, and cross-cultural communication,” Artigiani said. “There are also leadership opportunities through youth-led peer education, social action campaigns, service learning projects, digital media production and internships which we feel will give DC kids a chance to succeed well beyond high school.”

Global Kids in D.C. at the Residence of the French Ambassador

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