Performing Arts: STOMP at Warner Theater

STOMP brings down the house at the Warner Theater and you have until the end of January to see (and hear) what all the commotion is about.

Photo by  Junichi Takahashi courtesy of Stomp.

Photo by courtesy of Stomp.

STOMP, the internationally renowned percussion, movement and visual comedy group performed at the Warner Theater. To mark its opening night, STOMP dance troop, consisting of six male stompers and two female stompers, came in with a bang! From the beginning of the show to the end, performers used household items – like metal kitchen sinks (filled with water) , floor paint and garbage cans, newspaper, and even wooden brooms to create rhythmical, percussive based music. The engaging and loud sounds definitely captivated the sold-out audience at the historic Warner Theater. Performers combined hip hop and modern dance movements that added to the dramatic and soulful rhythm created by stomping, playing garbage cans, conga drums … and event just the palms of their hands. There was even a call and response that was executed by clapping that allowed audience to be included in the performance (we weren’t as synchronized as the STOMP cast, but we did our best, promise.) What is even more impressive, are performers harnessed several feet in the air while still playing garbage cans and hollow thick plastic bins with ease. This show is truly family friendly, with lots of comedic moments.

STOMP has been internationally recognized for its unique and surprising shows, as well as, for its unconventional portrayal of percussive music. In 1991 STOMP was created in Brighton, United Kingdom by and . Several years later, STOMP fires up the crowd on the Academy Awards in 1996, produced by . In 2000, STOMP performed on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial at President ’s televised Millennium celebration. It even has been featured as a parody on Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons.

STOMP is performing at Warner Theater now until January 30, 2011. Tickets for STOMP are priced at $37 to $57, and are available at the Warner Theater Box office, online at or call the Warner Theater Box Office at (202) 783 4000

Photo by Steve McNicholas courtesy of Stomp.

Photo by Steve McNicholas courtesy of Stomp.

Photo by  Junichi Takahashi courtesy of Stomp.

Photo by Junichi Takahashi courtesy of Stomp.

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