Fashionable Life: Chic in a Blazer

Style for Hire expert explains how a blazer can sharpen your silhouette and how to use accessories to transform the look in a variety of ways … plus who wore it the best?

arah Jessica Parker. Photo by Tony Powell. Dinner in honor of the 2009 Recipients of the National Medal of Arts and the National Humanities Medal. Museum of American History. February 24, 2010

“A blazer is the only silhouette with the ability to sharpen any look. It anchors your outfit and it is the ultimate topper. Feeling too trendy? Top your look with a classic blazer to balance things out. Too casual in your jeans and tee? Step things up with your favorite blazer and pumps. Too demure in that dress? Transform the look with a touch of “menswear” by adding a blazer. Make it your own with the “pop, scrunch and roll”: Pop the collar, scrunch the sleeves, roll the cuffs.” – Margaret Lilly for Style for Hire.

Who Wore It Best?

. Photo by Tony Powell.

and . Photo by Kyle Samperton.

and . Photo by Tony Powell.

. Photo by Kyle Samperton.

Growing up with six sisters, Margaret Lilly developed an appreciation for individual expression through fashion and an eye for which styles work best for different body types. Her secret to style success? Mixing and matching higher- and lower-priced garments for the ultimate wardrobe. She loves "shopping your closet" to create inventive outfits with what you already own!

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