Society 2.0: Special WHCD “Status” Report

With jokes and jabs from President Obama and host , The White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner led to lots of laughs from correspondents and celebrities alike. Here are some of their top tweets.

Donald and Melania Trump. Photo: Tony Powell

@pourmecoffee: The first rule of #nerdprom is, apparently, everyone tweets about #nerdprom.

@mikegenki3: Insert “I saw [insert celeb] at [insert #whcad party]” tweet here. Next up: a main image on your FB page w/ u and [insert celeb]!!

@jaketapper: The thing no one knows about #nerdprom — this year the cool kids are totally going to pigs-blood a certain Carrie in our midst. Tune in!

When President Obama took the stage, he showed a video trailer of ‘The President’s Speech’ and spoke about 2012 presidential hopefuls, his recently released birth certificate, and of course, Donald Trump.

@mike_farah: Obama just strutted out to “I wanna be american” (the hulk hogan song) @ the white house press dinner. Greatest thing ever

@TheFix: Obama shows “birth video” — clip from Lion King. And the crowd goes crazy. #whcd

@KatieS: Dear America, you are welcome #theDonald

@chrisjohnson82: Obama on Matt Damon being ‘disappointed’ in POTUS: ‘I just saw The Adjustment Bureau, so right back at you’#WHCD

@jeremypiven: was @ the dinner last night ans our president killed it like an old school comedy club…

@iansomerhalder: Can’t tweet pics-reception bad…:( Obama speaking right now- holy shit he is so funny. Seriously the whole room is in laughter.Dems&repubs

@brookeburke: I am stunned & amazed by the presence and power of President Obama. Much greater than he posesses on TV. Can’t believe how funny 2night is!

@AlecJRoss: Oh my God, @KatieS just got Donald Trump to sign a copy of President Obama’s birth certificate here at the WHCD #Nerdprom

Seth Meyers kept the laughs coming…

@mindykaling: Um @sethmeyers21 they’re gonna rename the WHCD speech “Seth Meyers” the way “John Hancock” means signature

@andersoncooper: I’m a huge @sethmeyers21 fan. Its an honor to be mocked by him.

@bronxzooscobra: .@sethmeyers21 talking about me at White House Correspondents Dinner?! I think someone has a snake-crush. And not the boa constrictor kind.

@alyankovic: Is it just me, or was the sexual tension between @sethmeyers21 and Donald Trump at the #WHCD just palpable?

@sethmeyers21: Enjoyed WHC dinner immensely. Anxiously awaiting Trump’s rebuttal

Saturday Night Live's , , and . Photo: Kyle Samperton

And many of the celebrity guests invited to the dinner tweeted their thanks, excitement, and favorite moments…

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

@kerrywashington: See you soon Sir RT @johnlegend: Going to White House Correspondents Dinner tonight in . Where pretends to be Hollywood for a night

@marlonwayans: Barack Obama and Seth just put a nail in trump’s whoole campaignb’s coffin

@Alyssa_Milano: I’m so overwhelmed being here. I keep getting teary eyed. #WHCD

@PaulaAbdul: i had a great time in DC! the White House Correspondents Dinner was the perfect amalgamation of politics, Hollywood, & advertising lol

@ElizabethBanks: I got photo bombed by Rep. Eric Cantor at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

@anoyes: I’ve seen more Glee cast-members than members of Congress #WHCD

@jimmywa11: It was a great honor to go to the White House Correspondents Dinner…enjoyed myself!!!

@jessetyler: I am still in orbit about being at the#WHCD last night. Such a huge honor to be invited! Obama & Seth Myers killed it!

@toryburch: So much fun sitting with @politico, thank you!! Seth Meyers was funny, Obama funnier- he didn’t read his jokes and his timing was perfect!!

@terrellowens: I would like 2 personally & twitterly Thank @LukeRussert 4 inviting me 2 the 2011 White House Correspondent’s Dinner!

and . Photo: Kyle Samperton

at a WHCD Pre Party. Photo: Tony Powell.

and . Photo: Kyle Samperton

Chase Crawford, Tony Romo, and Candace Crawford. Photo: Tony Powell

Bristol Palin. Photo: Kyle Samperton

Scarlett Johansson and her brother Hunter. Photo: Tony Powell

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