The Dish: 901 Hits The 202

Pan-global small plates lounge opens in Penn Quarter and promises to satisfy all different types of diners with its array of choices.

Newly opened 901 restaurant and lounge in Penn Quarter features a contempory look and feel.

Trying to get a group of diners to agree on what they want to eat is one of the most frustrating debates known to mankind. The newly opened 901 Restaurant & Bar in Penn Quarter is hoping to save patrons the aggravation of that conversation by offering a “multi-culti” (yes, that’s tres chic-short for multi-cultural) small plates menu that aims to have broad appeal. In short, D.C. has another tapas restaurant!

Executive Chef , formerly of Ten Penh, brought his Asian-influenced touch to the 901 menu, notably in dishes such as Thai lettuce wraps, ahi tuna tartare, Wagyu beef meatballs, wasabi-seared tuna and roasted duck quesadillas. Thirsty? 901 – which has the same owner, , as the Capitol City Brewing Company – likes beer. That means guests can enjoy those mulit-culti tapas dishes with a line of exclusive draft beers chosen by brewer , including a light lager, Belgian pale ale, IPA and an oatmeal stout.

The decor is tasty too. While diners are sipping and supping, we recommend that you take in the architectural flourishes, such as the seven-foot horizontal fireplace embedded in the lounge’s wall (eat your heart out Oya) and color-shifting glass fixtures strung in the foyer (“SEI” it isn’t so!). In short, this new restaurant is tapas meets Capitol City Brewing Co meets Oya meets SEI meets Ten Penh. Talk about “multi-culti”! Reserve online or by calling 202-524-4433.


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