Society 2.0: This Week’s Top Tweets

As the temperatures rose in this week, the power of Twitter skyrocketed with Glee sightings, Rep. Weiner’s photos and the #alicebucketlist hashtag.

"Glee Live! In Concert!" performed at the Verizon Center in on Thursday, June 9, 2011.

We took to our televisions (or Monday afternoon as Rep. (D-NY) held an impromptu press conference to discuss his sending lewd photos to women on Twitter.

@elilake: This press conference will be taught at PR school as a cautionary tale. #weinergate

@nickchoate: Never seen a press conference like this before. Except maybe the one Arnie Vinick had after the nuclear disaster in The West Wing.

@PeterHambyCNN: ’s former Chief of Staff: RT @scott_english: I am now no longer part of the most bizarre political press conference ever.


@DCJourno: Would anyone like updates on the Weiner presser? I’m watching and can live tweet quotes…

And the conversations continued all week on Twitter…

@JPFreire: “Hi. Rep. Weiner, I’m Chris Hanson. Have a seat.”

@daveweigel: Filed a story on something other than penises. I hope both of the people who read it learn something

@alecjacobs: Huma Weiner is pregnant?! YOU CAN’T WRITE THIS STUFF

@EmilyMiller: Where in the world has Anthony #Weiner been hiding since Monday? He has to show his face on Capitol HIll again at some point.

@mnitzky: Exclusive #NY1@maristpoll shows people in @RepWeiner district don’t want him to resign, but are split on if he should be re-elected

After a few breezy days last week, the escalating heat was a topic of discussion on and off the Internet.

@CADelargy: Just caught @kevinmaddendc on CNN- interviewed outside WH, sure its at least 100 degrees. Not a hair out of place, not a bead of sweat #Pro

@KimballStroud: Just heard that DC will get up to 106 degrees tomorrow. You gotta be kidding me.

@PeachinDC: The bright side to the debilitating heat? Less debilitating allergies! #DCheat

@ezraklein: So, about that global cooling…

@cheeky_geeky: Hey DC: Satan called, he wants his weather back.

Thursday night, it seemed like our Twitter feed was full of people doing three things: watching the NBA Playoffs….

@MissDC2010: Let’s go #mavs!!!

@samsteinhp: i know it’s utter superstition but w/ Wade out/injured this game seems poised to be a Heat ‘back-to-the-wall,’ Ewing theory win.

Mumford and Sons rocked DC in a cool acoustic way

…heading to Merriweather Post Pavilion to hear Mumford & Sons…

@MerriweatherPP: Soundcheck begins. This is going to be one amazing show #mumfordandsons

@tbridge: Mumford & Sons totally killed it tonight at @MerriweatherPP. I am dead from the awesome.

@thecooleyzone: Backstage. Mumford. Unreal! Thanks so much to the 930 club. U guys are amazing.

@maggiepitts: Is it time to take the short bus to Mumford & Sons yet? cc: @leeheffner @SteveSpartinJr

…or gleeking out about spotting celebs and Glee’s DC Concert…

@washingtonlife: Lots of #glee cast members sightings rolling in over The Twitter. Who is going to the DC concert tonight?

@HotlineJess: In Chinatown for the #glee tour, and yes, most everyone I’ve seen is probably still in high school

@CharmDC: Charm Georgetown is officially a #Gleek! Quinn (@DiannaArgon) was just here, and we LOVE her style!

@NikkiSchwab: There are people dressed as Warblers walking around #Glee #omgglee

We can’t close out the week without a special shout out to who announced this week that she’d be joining   on 94.7 Fresh FM! Congratulations, Kelly!

@pamelaspunch: Kelly Collis @CityShopGirl joins the @TommyMcFly Tommy Show!

@LaurenPomponio: congrats on your announcement @cityshopgirl!! gotta love @TommyMcFLY and @947freshfm!

@CityShopGirl: Exciting News @TommyMcFLYand I are!! I am going to radio! #theyare

Finally, we’ve been amazed at the compassion on Twitter to help make #alicebucketlist trend for young, terminally-ill Alice Pyne.

@lamore@Alice_Pyne Hello from Washington, DC! You are a brave girl & an inspiration to the world. Sending you love! #cancersucks #alicebucketlist

@TerryMoran: Alice is 15, has terminal cancer. She wants to trend on Twitter. Seems like a great girl. RETWEET: #alicebucketlist

RT @theburiedlife: Party people. Say hi to Alice, 15yr old with cancer who has ‘trend on twitter’ on her list! RT RT #alicebucketlist

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