Horse Country: An International Occasion

Washington saddled up for another International Horse Show filled with sport and pageantry.

and of Georgetown Cupcake and WIHS Executive Director Bridget Love Meehan present the trophy to and Sweetheart, winners of the Gamblers Choice. (Photo by Shawn McMillen Photography)

Metro area equestrians put on their best horse country chic outfits recently and galloped to the Verizon Center for the 53rd International Horse Show.  The highly anticipated event rides into town each year showcasing equestrian competitions such as the Puissance (high-jump) and the President’s Cup Grand Prix. Competitors in the Puissance endured five rounds of jumping in hopes of obtaining the $25,000 first prize. It wasn’t easy – the height of obstacles were raised in each round. In the Grand Prix competition, riders navigated obstacles while maintaining speed – a demanding task worthy of a $100,000 prize.

Those with little equestrian had just as much watching the event. In the terrier races, competition dogs wowed the audience with speed and cuteness as they bounded over jump after jump. Saturday’s Kids Day events included everything from temporary tattoos to horseshoe painting. The International Horse Show Silent Auction also entertained attendees, allowing them to bid on art, dining, and celebrity memorabilia. I guess you could say there was plenty of horsing around.

The arena for the Washington International Horse Show. (Photo by Rex Reed)

Board Chairman of WIHS Mr. Gregory W. Gingery, President of WIHS Mrs. Juliet W. Reid and former Board Chairman and President of WIHS, Mr. . (Photo by Rex Reed)

MSG Caleb Green with Patti Scialfa, and Vivian Scialfa. (Photo by Rex Reed)

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