Life of the Party: Shout Out for HyperVocal

HyperVocal celebrated their one year anniversary in style.

, , , and at HyperVocal's anniversary party. Photo by Jeff Martin.

If anyone is going to throw a super-fly, ultra-quirky party in honor of their web launch it’s going to be HyperVocal. The website, which went live about a year ago, is home to some of the most absurd, addictive news around (we’re talking subjects like “How to: Be a Cheap Date” and “Cain’s Stimulus Plan: ‘You want a Job, Right?“). So it’s no surprise that their one year anniversary party, hosted at Recording Industry of America‘s rooftop office on F Street, resembled something like a satirical college student’s 21st birthday rather than the classic Washington get-together.

Jazz-Rock Pianist . Photo by Jeff Martin.

Guests chowed down on “haute dorm” snacks like mini hotdogs and burritos whipped up by DC Taste, while others chugged politically themed “Donkey Blue Brew” and “Elephant Jumbo Juice” slushies (yes, we did just say slushies) provided by Svedka Vodka. To add a bit of sophistication to partygoer’s blue and red stained tongues, HyperVocal brought in ELEW, the pianist who played at Obama’s L.A. fundraiser. There was also a silent auction benefiting Musicians On Call, an organization dedicated to sending live music and recordings to the patients in the hospital. Yes, an event can benefit the greater good even when there are slushies on hand.

and . Photo by Jeff Martin.

and . Photo by Jeff Martin.

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