Trend Report: Global Fashion Roundup

‘Tis the Season for Coffee Holders, Blinged Out Commodes and a Million Dollar Fragrances.

Chanel Train at Post Show Dinner Party Photo Courtesy of Jim Shi

The Gift List

Last year, the economy saw an uptick in luxury purchases, which included watches, pens, cars and other high-end items that one would expect to drop some cash on.  What wasn’t on that list was women’s basics, such as legwear.  It seems that this year, this trend has changed.  Would you drop $345 for these? No?  Then try these less-expensive-yet-still-chic ones.

Need another idea for a stocking stuffer?  Feel that every coffee cup deserves a touch of luxury?  Look no further.  Jimmy Choo is now selling coffee sleeves… and so is Hermes.

What about something more “practical”?  Check out Chanel’s latest beauty creation.

Speaking of beauty, DKNY’s million dollar fragrance is still available for one lucky lady this holiday season.

Looking for the perfect home improvement gift that no one else has?  Check out the first ever bathroom accoutrement that will have every woman rethinking where bling goes.

Too expensive but want to give something handy this Christmas?  Check out Etsy’s chic duct tape.

What if you want to give something more mobile?  Gucci has you covered – all that’s missing is the lock.

How about something virtual?  Vogue is offering a subscription to their archives.  The annual fee is nothing to sneeze at.  Another Vogue gift at a third of the price – their vintage beach towel.

What won’t be ready for Christmas 2011 but possibly Valentine’s Day 2012 – ’s Rated M underwear collection.  My guess is his underwear ads will be the next best thing to ’s ads in 1992.


has released a teaser of the last collaboration that he and designed, which was for Spring 2012.  The good news: it can be snagged online the bad news: it’s only 14 pieces.  Happy shopping!

Polo chic was so 2010 and 2011. For pre-fall 2012, it will be all about the cowgirl… if Michael Kors has anything to say about it.

According to Chanel, it will be all about the Indian Princess.

Other pre-fall 2012 collection available for your viewing/shopping list pleasure:

Other Fashion News

When you’re the wife of a Rovio exec, you’re willing and able to take fashion risks, in support of your husband’s company, at , such as the Finnish State Gala.

What won’t be a fashion risk, Sephora’s new uniforms.  They are being designed by .

Miss your Trapper Keeper and the colorful designs it came in? How about those glittery rainbow unicorn notebooks and pencils? School supply designer is helping to bring back the nostalgia with a line of clothing.  This means people everywhere can start throwing those 90s parties.

If you plan on wearing skinny jeans on Brigham Young’s campus – don’t.  The school has now banned the fashionable legwear, in order to keep in line with their no tight clothing policy.

What will also be banned on that campus but not anywhere else – ’s SkinnyGirl loungewear line.

What seems to be acceptable anywhere – the turtleneck.

What could be acceptable for next spring: sequins on and under your eyelids.

It seems Facebook fashion brand pages are still popular – ask Converse and at Chanel, what’s popular are its train sets at dinner parties.

Also popular… AND back up and runningMissoni for Target.  Words of advice: Be gentle.

Verdict out on popularity – interacting with children… or her outfit.

Know when the first nail polish was made?  Ever seen the most expensive bottle of nail polish?  Learn about these and other fun nail polish facts here.

This past week, the auction broke world records.  There will be some very happy recipients this holiday season.

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