Trend Report: Global Fashion Roundup

IBM predicting trends, ’s apartment revealed and was also a fashion designer?

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According to IBM, 2012 should be the year of the flats (this is after its analysis of online buzz about high heels, over the last four years), yet Saks Fifth Avenue sees high heels not going away anytime soon.  As smart as IBM’s Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) machine is, it just proves that even the smartest machine in the world still doesn’t understand women.

Case in point – Prada’s 1950’s Cadillac-inspired shoe collection.

Alas, it might not have been completely wrong, if it were searching for shoe companies who only make one heel size and are now worth a lot more. It has been announced that revenue for Crocs reached $1billion in 2011. Yes, $1 billion worth of these ugly (and seemingly dangerous) “shoes” are walking around the world right now.

It appears that Leonardo DaVinci was not just an artist, inventor, scientist, architect, engineer, writer or even a musician.  No.  He was also a fashion designer.  Scholars have recently reconstructed a drawing of a handbag called the “Pretiosa”, one of several accessory drawings that were discovered.  The good news: we can see it come to life.  The Florence fashion house Gherardini has recreated it.  The bad news, it’s so far, only for display.

… and speaking of artistic talent, it is confirmed that Rodarte’s Laura and will design the costumes for the L.A. Philharmonic’s production of Don Giovanni. They will join a growing list of luxury designers to design costumes for stage.

Fun fact: Classical Violinist Hahn-Bin goes through a packet of Neutrogena wipes a day when taking off his stage makeup, which takes him 2-3 hours to apply.

Drama isn’t just meant for stage, it can also be worn around town.  MAC announced that has created a line of dramatic lipsticks that are reportedly already selling out.  Not to be outdone, also has her line with Rimmel.

Into more black and less red for dramatic flair? Ace Hotel partnered with Uslu Airlines to create a nail polish color, inspired by the interior of their hotel rooms.  I snagged my bottle.

One woman who has already “been there, done that” on both the lipstick and nail polish fronts – . It appears she is getting her own clothing line.

But while some are dressing up, others are dressing down.  See which designer has created his first t-shirt.

What can be worn dressed up OR down?  These nail trends and/or nail colors.

It seems congratulations are in order for Burberry being the top luxury label on FacebookSee who else ranked.

We’ve seen plenty of documentaries, movies and the like about Coco Chanel but have we ever seen her apartment?  Not until now… was it everything you expected?

One place we’ve seen a lot of is the White House… as well as a few well-known people in the fashion world.  See which fashion designers and other people in the biz are campaigning on behalf of Obama.

… and in the world of men’s fashion.  It has been announced that will make his debut in Milan Menswear Fashion Week next Monday.  See who is he showing alongside.

Pre-fall collections already revealed, include Alexander Wang, Derek Lam and Stella McCartney, as well as The Row, Givenchy and Preen.

’s collection for Target is just WEEKS away and as a teaser, they have released the full collection.  Start making that shopping list now … if there is room on your credit card, as it seems there were some not-so-thrifty spenders in November of 2011.

But, this had nothing to do with the total bill that has been rung up in the last few weeks by and BeyonceSee which lavish gifts their daughter, has already received.

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