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Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan guest of honor at reception for film “10 x 10” focused on girls education.

Education is a right. That is the message that Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan expressed at a recent reception for the film 10 x 10. Heather and Tony Podesta collaborated with IMPACT Arts + Film Fund to host the event in hopes of raising awareness about the need for improved education worldwide. The film, directed by Academy Award nominee and launched by a team of former ABC news journalists, tells the stories of 10 girls in 10 developing countries from Afghanistan to Nepal and Sierra Leon. Basketball legend , Ambassador of Albania, and CBS White House Correspondent Norah O’Donnell were among those who joined the Queen to support the film.

But despite the special guests, 10 x 10 was the night’s focus. Each of the film’s heroines seeks education despite unthinkable odds, such as living in a Haitian refugee camp or being expected to marry at thirteen. The creators of the film hope that after seeing it audiences will want to take action with their 10 x 10 campaign, which is dedicated to providing education and empowerment for girl’s around the world. Now that’s a reason to grab some popcorn and take a seat in the audience.

, , and . (Photo by Alfredo Flores)

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. (Photo by Alfredo Flores)

Peter and with . (Photo by Alfredo Flores)

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Chiara and . (Photo by Alfredo Flores)

& Ambassador of Kosovo. (Photo by Alfredo Flores)

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