The Dish: Next Round’s On Us

Carmine’s gets in the holiday spirit by offering free meatballs.

Made with beef, veal, Italian herbs and Romano cheese, Carmine's meatballs are slow-simmered in fresh marinara sauce. (Photo courtesy of Carmine's)

Wacky holidays are all the rage. That’s why some people mark Talk Like A Pirate Day and International Sword Swallower’s Day on their calendars. If you don’t want to do a Jack Sparrow impression or ingest a cutlass, there’s finally a wacky holiday that you can get psyched about: National Meatball Day.

This year, this real-but-fake-sounding anniversary falls on Friday, March 9th, and Carmine’s wants to help you celebrate. From Monday, March 5th, through Sunday, March 11th, reservations of six or more at lunch or dinner will be treated to a complimentary order of six meatballs. All you have to do is mention the word “meatballs” to the maître d. No need to whisper it or accompany it with any weird secret signals.

Carmine’s, 425 7th St. NW; 202-737-7770,


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