The Dish: Food Trucks Go Uncurbed

Traveling restaurant fills vacant spaces with breakthrough mix of trucks, art, and entertainment.

Uncurbed, the food-truck traveling restaurant, reemerged last weekend in Dupont Circle. (Photo by )

Vacant spaces have long been the locale-du-jour for city artists who buck the trends, a blank slate for graffiti and public artists to temporarily leave their marks. Now, the District’s empty pockets are home to yet another venture on the cutting edge: Uncurbed, the traveling restaurant that’s so much more than your average food truck.

Recently, Uncurbed (which is actually a collection of different food trucks) reemerged in Dupont Circle at the vacant property at 1134 19th St., NW. This foodie-on-foot experience offered a five-course menu featuring five of The District’s top trucks: DC Empanadas, DC Slices, Takorean, The Rolling Ficelle, and Curbside Cupcakes, along with beer from Flying Dog Brewery.

And there was a burning after-party – Uncurbed partnered with Mischief to host the first Uncurbed After Dark event. Local DJs, artwork, and a light show were all part of the festive atmosphere – which also included no sidewalk lines, and no awkward perching on curbs while enjoying a piece of DC Slice.

of Wonky Promotions, which partners with verdeHOUSE to produce Uncurbed, said the venture was “born out of a desire to bring vibrancy to vacant spaces through a combination of great food, local art, and lively entertainment.” By taking the food-truck phenomenon from the streets and giving it a shared home, it seems Uncurbed has succeeded in making a “vibrant” breakthrough in community chowing.

For more information on Uncurbed, please click here.

DC Slice was one of several food trucks featured throughout the weekend. (Photo by Bonnie Sen)

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