Society 2.0: Animal Instincts

This week in social media — live birds at the Corcoran, Olympian wildlife doppelgangers and .


African Lion at the National Zoo (Photo by Meghan Murphy for Smithsonian National Zoo)

This week on the Internet, the National Zoo takes a unique angle on the Olympics by comparing world-class athletes to its animal inhabitants.  At Redskins training camp, fans are advised to look out for “zebras,” or a pack of black-and-white-striped refs who will be advising players. In other news, the Corcoran is featuring a new exhibit containing live canaries, the Romneys’ horse gets a shot at gold, Michael Phelps’ famous headphones get redesigned for cats, and of course, Snoop Lion.

“We’re both blond, toned and powerhouses in H20, but does @WaterPoloTony sport claws and teeth like me? #ZooGames” via National Zoo @NationalZoo

“Why you should be on the lookout for zebras the next few days at #skinscamp” via Redskins @Redskins.

Huff Post, Jennifer Coster and ‘Canaries in McMansionland.’ Part of @WPAdc & Corcoran’s #takeittothebridge” via Corcoran @CorcoranDC

“Olympic Dressage gets under way. How did Ann Romney’s horse do?” via @csmonitor

“Headphones For Cats: Just One Idea From Spur, A New One-Stop Viral Video Shop by @nealunger” via Fast Company @FastCompany

“Wats the word on the street about #snooplion?? @cnn …” via snoop lion @snoop_lion (Retweeted by Snoop Dogg)

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