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Top 30 under-the-radar Twitter politicos to follow at conventions.


Political conventions in the Twittersphere.

With the Republican and Democratic national conventions getting under way over the next two weeks, they’ll be dominating news coverage. However, if you want raw, unadulterated politics, it’s best to dive straight into the belly of the beast — Twitter.

Here’s our list of the top 30 Twitter accounts from across the political spectrum to follow for all the up-to-the-minute insider news, from the convention floor and beyond.

On the Right: #GOP #TCOT

1. @JonahNRO, National Review Online editor-at-large

2. @EWErickson, RedState.com editor-in-chief, Show host, CNN contributor

3. @FordOConnell, CivicForumPAC chairman, political analyst who worked on McCain/Palin campaign, and winner of inaugural Reed Award for “Best Use of Twitter”

4. @guypbenson, Townhall.com political editor

5. @DCGopGirl, winner of CNN’s “Your Political Ticket” iReport Convention Contest, and an employee of Purple Strategies

6. @BDayspring, YG Action Fund senior advisor

7. @byronyork, Washington Examiner chief political correspondent and Fox News contributor

8. @AlexSchriver, College Republican National Committee chairman

9. @philipaklein, Washington Examiner senior editorial writer

10. @AlexPappasDC, The Daily Caller political reporter

On the Left: #Dems #p2

1. @Kombiz, progressive blogger and former DNC employee

2. @brianbeutler, Talking Points Memo reporter

3. @JoeTrippi, former campaign manager for Howard Dean

4. @EricBoehlert, Media Matters for America senior fellow

5. @mattortega, New Partners digital director

6. @woodhouseb, Democratic National Committee communications director

7. @BenLaBolt, Obama for America press secretary

8. @jehmu, FOX News contributor and Rock the Vote former president

9. @KarlFrisch, columnist, Bullfight Strategies partner, former Media Matters for America senior fellow and DSCC staffer

10. @DonnaBrazile, Democratic strategist

In the Center (Press): #Election2012

1. @fivethirtyeight, New York Times’ political blog FiveThirtyEight writer

2. @theplumlineGS, the Washington Post’s political blog The Plum Line writer

3. @BuzzFeedAndrew, BuzzFeed Politics reporter

4. @jmartpolitico, Politico reporter

5. @aburnspolitico, Politico reporter

6. @daveweigel, Slate political reporter

7. @FixAaron, the Washington Post’s The Fix blog writer

8. @RealClearScott, national political reporter for both Real Clear Politics and CBS News

9. @DavidMDrucker, Roll Call staff writer

10. @GarrettNBCNews, NBC embed reporter following the Romney campaign

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