Society 2.0: VP Debate — Zing!

The 2012 vice presidential debate’s no-holds-barred action fuels cyber chatter.


Republican vice presidential candidate Rep. and Vice President with debate moderator at Centre College in Danville, Ky. (AP Photo/Pool - Michael Reynolds)

“Thursday night proved to be a calm, polite discussion between the vice presidential candidates — you’d think Martha Raddatz was hosting them for tea!” via No Body @TweetedNobodyEver. The first and only vice presidential debate was actually quite the opposite. Though Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan sat, they certainly didn’t relax, tackling important issues, including foreign policy, the economy and abortion. If last week’s presidential debate was just a bit too civil for you, this one certainly wasn’t a theatrical let down with some 3.5 million Tweets going out during the debate. Here’s what a sprinkling of comedians, Washingtonians, etc. had to say about it:

“watching the vice presidential debate. i feel like they should have a third party who is there just to fact check all their statements.” via Scooter Braun @scooterbraun

“I wonder how the media will overreact to the Vice Presidential debate.” via @JimGaffigan

“Mr. Biden, your rude behaviour leaves me with no choice but to ask you to leave Downton Abbey immediately!” via @sethmeyers21

“There is a real hair-product gap between the Obama-Biden and Romney-Ryan tickets.” via @RyanLizza

“After debate, Obama officials faced question: Wasn’t Biden kind of, well, rude? “ via @ByronYork

“I talked about w chris wallace RT @PounderFile VID: NBC’s Tom Brokaw: Iran Is A Serious Issue And Biden Was Laughing “ via @BretBaier

“Joe Biden went from GAFFFE-Machine to LAFF-Machine. Martha was there a nitrous oxide leak under Joe’s chair? #interruptus-debateus” via @sdoocy

“I hear Martha Raddatz is reaffirming her wedding vows at the midway point in the Vice Presidential debate.” via Show @DennisDMZ

“I imagine after the debate Paul Ryan will be running to the restroom. He drank a lot of water.” via @BuzzFeedAndrew

“Unfortunately no one will be able to discuss the debate around the water cooler because Paul Ryan drank it all” via @TaylerJhay

“Biden and Ryan just need to snuggle together with matching robes & play Fairway Solitaire & giggle like school girls.” via RainnWilson @rainnwilson

“Ryan does win the bigger flag pin contest. #vpdebate #what reallymatters” via @DavidCornDC

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